Space Noir

Developed By

N-Fusion Interactive

​Space Noir tells the story of Hal Markham, a highly successful private soldier in the Intergalactic Protection Consortium who’s idealism is shattered by an intergalactic peacekeeping mission that goes tragically awry.

With his parents dead and his fiancée in the arms of another man, Hal crawls into a bottle of whisky, supporting himself through the bounty hunter missions thrown at him by Phillip Ellroy, CEO of Syntex and one of Hal’s fathers best friends.

Waking with an all too familiar hangover, Hal is forced to defend his home space station from a brutal pirate attack. This simple act will force Hal into an intergalactic mystery involving dangerous future technology, warring corporations, deadly femme fatales and a galaxy full of betrayal.


  • Classic space combat meets noir detective story
  • 5 unique worlds
  • Over 35 combat and bounty missions
  • Customise your ship with over 75 weapon and performance upgrades